We recently uploaded a new rate deck to this site for all prospective customers.  Of course, before loading it here, we distributed it to all our customers!

Our rating methodology now has enhancements bringing a better bottom line and increase margins for all customers.  This is the result from customer feedback, comments, and great ideas from our staff and others. We have enhanced algorithms set in place that augment and bring more guarantee completing calls at the price given in the rating deck. In other words, we have gained higher completion ratios.

The rate decks are aggressively priced without the “fuller” routes and unused destinations found in so many other rate decks that are in the market. Further, we all know just how quickly the destination landscape changes in the U.S. and Canada due to high impact on porting numbers and changing carriers.

For quite awhile, we thought our fate would be the same as most wholesale carriers:  Creating and distributing new rate decks on a weekly basis.   Well, we figured out a solution thanks to customer feedback and diligent work on behalf of our engineers and management. Our rating methodology navigates that problem in a very clever way, giving more stability (a much longer usage time) in the rate decks causing a substantial reduction in that necessity to create new versions of the deck.  Best of all, our new methodology for pricing rate decks this gives all our customers more time to focus on their business end goals.